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Landmarks Nixes Plan to Drop Proposed Items After Backlash

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Preservationists, rejoice: the Landmarks Preservation Commission has decided after all not to de-calendar 94 buildings and two proposed historic districts awaiting a hearing in front of the LPC. Although all of the properties have been "calendared" for over five years, and 80 have been on the docket for over 20 years, their very existence as calendared items is enough to keep them safe from alterations in the meantime. The New York Times notes that the decision to rescind the call was influenced by preservationist and community backlash, and initially proposed because of pressure from developers. The LPC claims that the de-calendaring would have allowed them to move on and "focus on new priorities." The initial decision was also reportedly influenced by the other forms of protection many of the buildings on the list already have. Properties affected by the de-calendaring would have included Queens' Pepsi Co. sign, Brooklyn's Green-Wood Cemetery, and Manhattan's Bergdorf Goodman department store, reports the Times. Somewhere, a developer is fuming.
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