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Tribeca's 60 Collister May Get Another Penthouse Addition

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Even though the penthouses of the American Express Carriage House are themselves modern additions to a historic building, Manhattan's Community Board 1 is not on board with the addition getting an addition. Last month, the board's landmark committee met last month to discuss a one-story addition to 60 Collister Street (a.k.a. 157 Hudson Street). Architect Ben Hansen, whose firm designed the existing addition, presented plans for adding an additional floor to the building. If we journey back to 2006, one will recall that the original plan was for a three-story addition, but it was ultimately reduced to two stories. Clearly Hansen and the owners never let go of that third story.

Board members were concerned about the materials of new addition, and how the windows would fit in with the rest of the building's facade, as well as the surrounding architecture, which are mostly brick. No renderings were shown, but the addition would consist mostly of glass and metal. The landmark committee decided to vote against the proposed additional floor, and the full board followed suit, recommending that the Landmarks Preservation Commission do the same.

According to filings with the Department of Buildings, this addition has been in the works since at least May, when an application was filed for a 1,014-square-foot "new penthouse enlargement." Another application was filed in June, but it was rejected for incomplete drawings. In August, permits were issued for a mock-up of the penthouse, but that was the last action at the site.
—With research and writing by Angely Mercado
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60 Collister Street

60 Collister Street, New York, NY