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Stunning and Historic Clinton Hill Mansion Sells For $6.5M

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The gorgeous Clinton Hill standalone mansion that was once home to two ex-New York City mayors has sold for $6.5 million. The home at 405 Clinton Avenue, touted in its listing as "splendid beyond belief" (we agree), has sold to a trust. The 9,000-square-foot mansion was built in 1889 by William Tubby for Brooklyn mayor Charles A. Schieren. Later, Prohibition-era mayor Jimmy Walker also called the place home. The building, which was listed in May for $9.875 million, recently underwent a $3.5 million renovation that included a new A/C system, 100 new windows, and removing a three-story extension off the back to free up more space in the garden. The previous owners bought the home for $1.75 million in 2009, so despite not getting the nearly $10 million ask, they're still netting a small profit after the renovation.

Before selling, the home was available to rent for $14,000 a month.
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