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Mapping the 38 Most Essential Nicolas Cage Locations on Earth

Today is Nic Cage Day across the Curbediverse, a day for celebrating The Legend and his legendary real estate hijinks. Why? Because Nic Cage.

Nicolas Cage is not just one of our era's most important actors, he's also a man of the world. He's owned a castle in Germany, won an auction for a dinosaur skull in Beverly Hills, publicly declared he's not a vampire at the Ed Sullivan Theater, worn gold jackets with Carrot Top at Circus Circus, and of course, he's owned New York City real estate. Here now, in the tradition of the Eater 38, we present an important new piece of Cage scholarship: the Nic Cage 38, a map guide to the 38 most essential Nicolas Cage locations on Earth.

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Olympic Tower

645 5th Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10022