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Nic Cage's Former Pad Has Been on the Market Since 2012

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Today is Nic Cage Day across the Curbediverse, a day for celebrating The Legend and his legendary real estate hijinks. Why? Because Nic Cage.

In 2009, Nicolas Cage was forced to sell his New York City apartment—two combined units on the 48th floor of Midtown's Olympic Tower, which he had purchased in 2004 and 2005 for $5.5 million—during his Great Real Estate Purge (the result of owing the IRS $14 million in back taxes). Cage listed the 3,500-square-foot three-bedroom for $9.75 million in 2008, then de-listed it a month later, then listed it again the following September and unloaded it in November of 2009 for $7.5 million to an entity known as Emeco New York LLC. It was back on the market three years later for $11.5 million, following a renovation. And, in the unlikeliest possible turn of events, the apartment somehow got even weirder in the interim.

The Cage Era at no. 48GH was marked by, judging from the (tiny) old listing photos, a lot of hanging light fixtures and a master bath that was, in the words of the Observer's Max Abelson, "caked in lights and what seems to be some kind of bright black marble." The new version has cloud-patterned ceilings, a disorienting master bath, and is virtually staged with bright purple and green furniture. Three months ago, the price dropped to $9.5 million. Somehow, this seems like a fitting fate.
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Olympic Tower

645 5th Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10022