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Comment Of The Day

"I have seen the unit. Actually you have to walk up a flight to get to the first floor. So it is a 5th floor. It is a pain in the ass on those steps and I live in a walkup right now. Other problems: 1) Hallways and staircase were not nice at all. 2) Not exactly a real view of the park. Angle your head, etc. 3) The 2nd bedroom is up on Mount Everest. I have never climbed a staircase that steep in Manhattan. It's essentially up to the attic with a low ceiling. I assume it's for kids but I would be worried about safety going up there. But I will say this. The owner has made it quite charming inside. The only reason anyone would pay this much for what is really a lofted one bedroom in a 5th floor walkup is for the address and even then anyone who lives in Gramercy knows it's not a direct straight on park view."—anon [Gramercy Park Two-Bed Comes With Coveted Key, Wants $995K]