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Photographer Shoots Skyscrapers in NYC's Negative Spaces

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For over a decade, photographer Peter Wegner has been turning the negative space between cities' iconic towers into their own kind of architecture. Wegner achieves this by simply inverting his photographs. The project, known as Buildings Made of Sky, began in the pursuit of simplicity in an ever-busy landscape. "At first I was delighted to find hot dog vendors and pedestrians wandering through the frame," Wegner tells Atlantic Cities. "But I soon came to feel they were a distraction." Wegner began shooting at times when the lighting would eradicate everyday signals and leave the photographs largely devoid of visual detractions like pedestrians. The results? A series of eerily quiet and re-envisioned cityscapes in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco.

After a while, Wegner started to display some of his work in grid form which "reinforces the plan of the modern city." These soaring towers of sky speak to a fresh urban landscape which every day is in our midsts.
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