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Medieval Fairy Tale Townhouse Chops Price Again, to $20M

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Master floral designer Lynn Jawitz may have won an unspecified interior design award for the renovation of her 1893 four-story townhouse on East 93rd Street, but she's still having a terrible time finding someone to take it off her hands (at a huge profit). Jawitz bought the house in 2002 for $4.25 million and set about sprucing it up with marble columns, a royal palace's worth of ornamental molding, and many different patterns of floor. She put the house back on the market in 2011 for $24.5 million, then waited two years and reduced the price to $21 million. Now, six months later, the house has is on to its third brokerage and has dipped—barely— below $20 million, asking $19.995 million. The upside of all these pricechoppings and re-listings is that each one comes with better photos of the house's redone interiors, although it really is hard to top that first listing.

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