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Inside The $51M UES Mansion Designer Reed Krakoff Just Sold

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The biggest sale of the last week totaled $51 million. An anonymous LLC paid that whopping sum for former Coach creative director Reed Krakoff's Upper East Side mansion, and the deal just hit public records. The 30-foot-wide townhouse on East 70th Street is the stuff of lore—or maybe just decor porn for every fashion magazine and news outlet on earth. To wit, its 18,000 square feet have been ogled by the New Yorker and New York Magazine, Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, and Elle Decor (and that was just the foyer). Krakoff, who is now head of an eponymous fashion label, is married to Delphine, a professional interior designer, who conducted a pain-staking, gorgeous, art-filled renovation after a 2006 fire. (Jonathan Adler called the redone interiors "some next-level shit.") The couple paid $17 million for the house in 2005. Nicely done.

Beyond the snakeskin bathroom with a "a spheroid toilet more stunning than anything the vast majority of the population will ever own," the house contains the following: 1) a staircase that is reminiscent of the Guggenheim's ramps; 2) "antique European floorboards and 18th-century mantels"; 3) a gym with "porthole-lined steel wall and sliding doors"; and 4) Alexander Calder mobiles. Even the kids' rooms are decked out with designer duds. There are vintage pieces, modern masters, contemporary works, and an art installation in the custom elevator. Over the top much?

This bonkers abode was never formally on the market, but in 2009 it was rumored to be asking $52 million. The recent deal was reportedly brokered by townhouse queen Paula de Nunzio of Brown Harris Stevens, who hasn't commented. Delphine Krakoff told Vogue that she wanted a house with character: "Something that would scare a lot of people." Scare, or wow? Same difference, perhaps.

A helpful commenter pointed us to a section of Delphine Krakoff's official website, which includes more photos of the house. Check them out below.

CNN Money visited the manse and came up with this video tour:

UPDATE: A previous version of this article included photos of a different townhouse Delphine Krakoff designed, featured in Architectural Digest.
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