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Check Out St. Luke's Debated Village Tower And Expansion

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[Before, the existing building masses on St. Luke's land; after, the blue shows where the additions would take place. The proposed 15-story tower is in darker blue at the back right of the lot. Images taken from presentations to the community (warning: PDF!) via the GVSHP.]

Since 1821, St. Luke in the Fields has taken up more and more of the oddly shaped plot between Hudson, Barrow, Christopher, and Greenwich streets. Expansion plans, however, have never been as ambitious as the church's most recent move: to build a 15-story tower on what's currently a corner parking lot, as well as to add two stories on top of its existing low-rise school, which faces Greenwich Street. Unsurprisingly, the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation is against the plan, and they've captured architects' presentations to the community and to the Landmarks Preservation Commission, allowing us to see the proposed additions and expansions in much greater detail than before. The tower proposed for 100 Barrow Street would rise to 153 feet and house 47 units, developed by Toll Brothers; meanwhile, another four-story building where a playground currently sits on Christopher and Hudson will get built down the line. Overseen by historically contextual masterminds Beyer Blinder Belle, both the corner tower and school plans were heard at last week's LPC meeting, but commissioners didn't have time to comment on them. In the meantime, have a gander at the proposed "Barrow Street Apartments" and the rest of the expansion. If approved, they look like they'll be nice expensive.

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