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StreetEasy 3.0: A New Design & Free Features For Everyone

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For the second time in less than six months, the popular listings website StreetEasy revamped its website. National listings giant Zillow purchased StreetEasy last August, and they unveiled a (not well received) site redesign in October, but Zillow is billing this latest makeover as the "first significant upgrade" since the $50M purchase. The new site went live today at 4:30 p.m., and at first glance, it looks like it combines elements of Versions 1.0 and 2.0, while adding a lot more visuals. But more importantly, Zillow has now made StreetEasy's entire database of information completely free for all users. The elimination of "Insider" accounts means that everyone can now see the names of buyers and sellers, past sale prices, tax abatement information, and Department of Buildings permit applications.

In an emailed statement, a spokesperson for the company said, "In this increasingly competitive, hard-to-navigate market, it's crucial for NYC shoppers and professionals to be able to arm and educate themselves with as much information as possible." Susan Daimler, general manager of StreetEasy and Zillow New York, added that this is all part of their plan to "bring transparency to one of the most complex, hard-to-navigate real estate markets in the world."

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