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Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump Detail Puck Penthouses' Reno

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There are only six palatial Puck Penthouses, and boy, are they turning out to be veritable porn for real estate and design obsessives. Bon Jovi has apparently scoped them out, and one went into contract for $27.5 million before any of them even listed. Once the remaining four hit the market, they'll range from $21 million to over $60 million a pop. The luxe project is the brainchild of real estate wunderkind Jared Kushner, who, along with wife Ivanka Trump, gave Elle Decor a detailed rundown about the conversion and its old-meets-new interiors. The couple led a tour of the "smallest" penthouse—which is still 4,895 square feet— and gave some insight as to its unique features. Like barrel-vaulted ceilings lined with iridescent tiles. What, you didn't swoon?

"We tried not to be conformist and to design and custom-fabricate every single detail," Kusher tells Elle Decor. The architect is Jose Ramirez and the designers are William McIntosh and Leilani Arita, and it seems every detail was considered with care. The use of nickel and glass for the doors, for example, instead of a more traditional material like steel to give them that industrial vibe. (The team thought nickel complemented the exposed steel beams and red-brick from the late 19th century. Of course.) The units are technologically up-to-date, though, with Kusher dubbing the AV room "NASA SoHo" despite the fact that everything is hidden behind walls—19-inch TVs hide in the bathroom mirrors. Though Kushner notes that nothing was "forced or over-the-top," the kitchen countertops are made of "lava stone from Mount Etna in Sicily, with a crackled glaze," so make of that what you will. Head over to Elle Decor to see the rest of the photos and the complete interview.

How does Kushner see the deep-pocketed buyers... who will eventually be his neighbors? As "[c]onnoisseurs, collectors, and those with a youthful exuberance." (Kushner and Trump are said to be keeping a unit for themselves, a fact they pretty much confirmed in the interview.)

So those connoisseurs can currently choose from just one apartment, VI, asking $21M. It's the same one Elle Decor toured, so check out more photos in the gallery below.

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