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Long-Stalled Williamsburg Site Gets Rendering, Foundation

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Developer Adam America, the third for Williamsburg's 247 North 7th Street, has revealed a rendering for the two-building rental development to rise between Roebling and Havermeyer. The site has been hoping for a building since first permits were filed in 2006, but after changing hands three times, from Rieder Holdings who acquired the lot for $12 million in 2011 and transferred it to Silverstone Property Group for $21.6 million just a year later, it's Adam America who has forced momentum back into the long-stalled construction. Brownstoner reports the installation of the building's foundation, and notes that the two six-and-seven-story buildings will be comprised of 169 units. David Tanenbaum of Lilker Associates is serving as both site architect and engineer.
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