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City Asks Methodist Hospital, Slope Detractors For Evidence

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It might not be as controversial as the epic saga surrounding the redevelopment of Brooklyn neighbor Long Island College Hospital, but Park Slope's New York Methodist Hospital's battle to expand seems to be trying to match LICH's in longevity. After facing stern opposition from community members over issues like traffic, pollution, and out-of context architecture, the hospital altered its U-shaped design. Even though Slopers still hated the project, CB6 granted it conditional approval with contingencies. The back-and-forth between neighbors and the hospital is somewhat moot, considering the city's Board of Standards and Appeals has the final say. It met yesterday, and the opposition definitely made its voice heard there, too. After listening to heated arguments from both sides, the BSA didn't issue a decision but instead asked both sides to submit more supporting evidence. It also directed the hospital to tweak its plans, making them shorter and more in line with the area's current zoning. The next hearing is scheduled for April 8.

This is how the hospital portrays its own plan, which it says has been heavily revised to address community concerns.

[To the left, the old rendering of the hospital's expansion; to the right, a tweaked version.]

Meanwhile, anti-expansion group Preserve Park Slope has created a video (below) trying to show the scale of the project, which it claims is understated in the official renders. It presented the video to the BSA yesterday as part of its case.

So, on to April 8.
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