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Study Concludes That Marine Transfer Station Is Bad

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Shockingly (not shockingly), a study commissioned and paid for by Pledge 2 Protect, a group with the express purpose of stopping the Upper East Side Marine Transfer Station, has concluded that the Upper East Side Marine Transfer Station is bad. (Man, imagine how embarrassing it would have been if the study had concluded that the Transfer Station is good. They sure lucked out!)

The 44-page study claims that the new trash station would divert only 1.6 percent of Manhattan's commercial garbage that is currently routed through other boroughs. "The notion that the city could spend billions implementing this plan but not fundamentally change garbage truck traffic in the city—this was a huge finding," said a representative of Gladstein Neandross and Associates, the firm that did the study. The city has previously estimated that the station would cost around $200 million while opponents have put the figure at "more than $400 million," which, to be fair, does technically include "billions." The Marine Transfer Station became an issue during the recent mayoral campaign, and while mayor Bill de Blasio was not the most voracious supporter (that would be Christine Quinn), he did espouse a commitment to having each borough handle its garbage equally.
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