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The Grayson Changes Hands; The Worst $20M Listing Ever

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GRAMERCYKIPS BAY—The Grayson, a 17-story, 128-unit residential building at 247 East 28th Street, has been sold by Silverstone Property Group and RWN Real Estate Partners to a private investor for $99.75 million. The firms purchased the property for $53 million in February 2012 and furnished a complete renovation of the building before selling it off. [CurbedWire Inbox]

THE INTERNET—"Is this the worst $20 million listing of all time?," one tipster who emailed us this listing wants to know:

No floorplan, no pictures of the apartment, and five sentences that are vague, typo-ridden, and all-caps... this broker is really earning that $1.2 million commission.The answer, oh tipster, just might be yes. Scam or no scam, whoever posted this wasn't trying very hard at all. [CurbedWire Inbox]