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A Few Cute Infographics About Rent; Transportation Talk

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THE INTERNET—It pays off to shack up, Forbes and Trulia remind us with this series of cute infographics delivered perfectly on time for V-Day. Not surprisingly, it's 35 percent cheaper to rent a two-bedroom apartment than two one-bedroom apartments. Surprisingly, it's even 12 percent cheaper to rent a three-bedroom apartment than two one-bedroom abodes. If he or she pops the question tonight ("Do you want to move in with me?"), remember all the mula you'll be saving on rent! [CurbedWire inbox]

BROOKLYN HEIGHTS—On February 25, NYT reporter Michael Grynbaum and MTA Capital Construction President Michael Horodniceanu will speak together about two transportation-centric mega projects: the 7 train extension and the new Fulton Center. The discussion is being offered for free by the New York City Transit Museum at 7 pm in Founders Hall at St. Francis College in Brooklyn Heights. You can make a reservation to attend here. [CurbedWire inbox]