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New Projects in Bushwick, Ridgewood May Lure With Dog Runs

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And the infiltration of luxury developments into Ridgewood and Bushwick continues with two new projects that may tout amenities of the rooftop dog run variety, Crain's reports. The proposed buildings, at 83 Bushwick Place and 176 Woodward Avenue in Bushwick and Ridgewood, respectively, are both designed by Ariel Aufgang. The two buildings will bring a combined total of 108 units of housing to the largely industrial neighborhoods. It's unclear at this early stage whether they'll be rentals or condos.

[Rendering of 83 Bushwick Place, designed by Ariel Aufgang, via Crain's]

"The neighborhood is kind of bifurcated between manufacturing and single-family houses," Aufgang told Crain's, "And our approach was to have a contextually sensitive design." Resulting are two structures of brick and glass that cater mostly to families with two-bedroom apartments. The lot on which the 88-unit Ridgewood building is to be developed is currently delineated as a manufacturing zone, but developer Slate Property Group is seeking permits to rezone the property as residential. Permits have already been obtained for the smaller 20-unit project in Bushwick, which also lies in a manufacturing zone.

As high-end developers build east and out over the L train, expect more of the same—and, of course, higher prices.
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