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FiDi Residents Still Pretty Angry About Nassau Street Denny's

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The condo residents of the American Tract Society Building did their best to stop a Denny's from opening in the building's ground floor, filing a $10 million lawsuit that accused the restaurant chain of being "synonymous with a late night party atmosphere, as well as drunk, disorderly, violent and criminal conduct." But now that the suit is settled, Denny's is moving ahead, and they held a "meet and greet/information session" for Community Board 1 and neighborhood residents last week. Despite the fact that the restaurant laid out free chicken, sliders, and crudites, very little greeting occurred. The downtown denizens who showed up were not wowed by the (very un-Denny's-like) interior renderings, and basically just wanted to inform the owners that they were still very unhappy about the idea of a bar across the street from Pace University and a short distance (100 yards according to the community, 200 yards according to Denny's) from the Spruce Street School. (Spruce Street has students in pre-K through 4th grade, so those kids are going to need some pretty solid fake IDs.) No one ate the food.
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