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Checking In On LIC's Sold-Out Vista and Its Many Neighbors

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The Vista is one of the many new towers that have risen in Court Square, but it's perhaps the only area building that's "feng shui-certified." Plus, it's now 100 percent sold. Records for the 15-story, 48-unit towershow the price per square foot for active sales (all three in contract) at $990, with that of previous sales a smidge lower, at $921. Units, which started to go to market in late 2012, range from studios to two-bedrooms. To date, the priciest unit in the building is apartment #11A, a 965-square-foot two-bedroom, two-bathroom , which sold for $820,800. The least expensive? A 495-square foot studio that went for $345,800. The building abides by laws of feng shui inasmuch as "there is no fourth floor in the building [four is bad luck in Chinese culture]... Additionally, residences will not have balconies adjacent to the living room and entrances to each home will not face another interior door." For the first time, we have a few interior shots to prove it.

What else is going on in Court Square? When we checked in with Linc LIC in 2011, the gargantuan 42-story, 709-unit rental building at 43-10 Crescent Street was just going up. Now, the apartments are renting at a rate between $1,875 and $5,500 for studio to two-bedroom units. With only 21 available listings showing up on its official site, things must be going pretty well, leasing-wise.

On the other hand, mega-developments Purves 1 and Purves 2 at 44-35 and 44-41 Purves Street are taking things more slowly. In the works since 2007, it was just two weeks ago that a rendering was revealed for Purves 1. There seems to be no advancements with Purves 2 to date. No word yet on pricing for this project , which is expected to be completed in 2017.
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