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Construction Permits In Place For SHoP's 57th Street Tower

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While work on one 57th Street tower draws to a close, work on another is set to begin. A tipster alerted us to the fact that work would soon be starting on SHoP's 77-story, 1,350-foot-tall tower at 107 West 57th Street, and freshly filed permits with the Department of Buildings confirm that to be true. The project won approval from the Landmarks Preservation Commission last year, and a slew of new building permits have been approved since the start of 2014, the most recent of which was approved last week. Documents shared with Curbed from our tipster show that the architects and development team filed a "Construction Code Determination" form, which was approved in late January, to be able to start foundation work as soon as possible "due to the unusually complex construction logistics and durations." The document also notes that "all funds are in place to commence construction."

The updated permits also have an updated (but not yet approved) Schedule A filing, which breaks down the layout inside the building. There will be 61 units, with residences starting on the 10th floor. The facade of the landmarked 17-story Steinway Building, which currently sits on the site, will be preserved, but the interior will be demolished and rebuilt as part of the new building. Behind this facade, there will be about 15 units, and the "tower" residences will start on the 17th floor. The tower is incredibly slender, so all of these units will have a floor to themselves. Currently, the plans show there will be five duplexes and a four-story penthouse that will be asking, according to our tipster, nine-figures. Obviously.
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