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Stop Work Order Halts Long-Awaited Sullivan Street Project

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Redevelopment of the old Sullivan Street bakery between Broome and Spring Streets has not been easy for developer Zaccaro Realty. First, the neighbors vehemently fought the rezoning, delaying the project for years, and then after finally filing plans for an 8-story, 12-unit building last year, the site was hit with a Stop Work Order in December. Why? Oh, just some "inch-wide cracks" in the foundation of the neighboring building. But the SWO was partially rescinded a week after it was issued and construction was allowed to continued with "monitoring." Now, new building permits were approved last week, so it seems like things are moving along, albeit at a slower pace; excavation and foundation work are currently taking place. We still haven't seen any renderings from architects Bialosky + Partners, but if you happen to stroll past the site, construction shots would be appreciated on the tipline.
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