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Cassa NY Penthouse With Hanging Table Cuts Ask To $18M

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This 3,145-square-foot 5BR/4.5BA penthouse in Cassa NY has been around for a while—it was at one point available for a $60,000/month sublet (seems like a solid deal) and has also been on and off the market since October of 2010 asking, always, $20.332 million. This weekend, the price was chopped down to $18 million, and that seems like as good a reason as any to revisit the apartment and its most striking feature: the dining room table suspended from the ceiling by metal chains. That table probably isn't the kind of thing you ever considered having in an apartment, but when you look at, you immediately think, Uh ... yeah, that's kind of ... cool? The $18 million would still constitute a significant profit for the apartment's LLC-shielded owner, who paid $4.25 million for it in July of 2010 [EDIT: It's a sponsor unit.] and presumably renovated it or something.

· Listing: 70 West 45th Street #PH3 [Elliman]
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Cassa Hotel & Residence

70 W45th Street, New York, NY 10036