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Williamsburg House To Be Replaced With 7-Unit Building

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A little brick house at 220 Richardson Street near North Henry Street in Williamsburg hit the market last year for $1.25 million, with brokerbabble touting the site's development potential thanks to "plenty of additional FAR," or Floor Area Ratio, i.e. catnip for developers. It took all of four weeks for a buyer to snap it up, and the sale closed in October for $1.365 million, $115,000 more than it was asking. And as expected, the new owner quickly launched into redevelopment mode, and a new building permit was approved last week.

Demolition of the old two-family brick house began in December, and it will be replaced with a four-story, seven-unit building. The old listing for the site shows a large backyard, but it seems like this will be wiped out in the expansion. City records list the property owner as Andrzej Potrapeluk, and the building permits show Wieslawa Jasiulewicz Majran as the architect of record. Has anyone been by the site recently? Construction photos are always welcome on the tipline.

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