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Check Out the Jarmulowsky Bank Building's Restored Ceiling

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Not only is the Jarmulowsky Bank Building getting its signature cupola back, the inside of the building is also getting a thorough restoration, courtesy of restauranteur Taavo Somer's design collective, Friends & Family. Although, Somer's involvement with the project has been widely reported, he's being weirdly secretive about it now—a recent Wall Street Journal profile was not able to refer to the Jarmulowsky by name, writing instead, "Somer remains tight-lipped about a hotel project in the works. Reportedly 11 stories and 100 rooms, it's a 10-minute walk from Freemans." The Friends & Family Instagram, however, features a couple of pictures of the ceiling, not-so-cryptically hashtagged "hotelproject," which is mid-restoration. It doesn't look like they have anything to be embarrassed, or secretive, about.