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Watch Corner Lots Morph From Vacant To Built In These GIFs

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Atlantic Cities has discovered the handiwork of programmer/artist Justin Blinder, who scoured Google Street View in order to document how the city had changed under Mayor Bloomberg's "build, build, build" administration. Using publicly available data to pinpoint the geographic locations of these new developments, he found that because different image-snapping trucks traverse the city's roadways over time, there will be some images from particular points in an intersection that show a vacant lot, while other spots in the same intersection pull from a different photo-gathering trip and show a fully-built or under-construction building. When you have before-and-afters like these, what do you do? Make some GIFs, of course. Above and below, three examples of Blinder's work, which effectively and simply chronicle the city's building boom over the last dozen years.

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