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Soho Penthouse With Zany Geometry, Skylight Wants $6.3M

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The penthouse of the Drawing Center building at 35 Wooster Street hit the market today for $6.3 million, and true to the brokerbabble, it's "unlike anything ever on the market" in that there's hardly a right-angled room in the place. The three-bedroom, three-bathroom apartment is a a geometric funhouse, with a pentagon-shaped bathroom, a parallelogram for a shower, and two bedrooms that are vaguely triangle-ish. The 3,192-square-foot digs come with 1,400 square feet of private rooftop space accessible by cute spiral staircase; the middle of the deck is taken up by a giant, peaked skylight that lets tons of sunshine into the top floor bedroom and bathroom.

· Listing: Lyall House, 35 Wooster Street, PH5F [Elliman via StreetEasy]