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Three Cents Worth: Snowy Weather Keeps The Listings Away

[This week, real estate appraiser, Curbed graph guru, blogger, and podcaster Jonathan Miller compares listing inventory to winter weather.]

I get the feeling that many businesses (and the local economy) have been on some sort of "pause" during the past month, perhaps partially brought about by the weather. (Full disclosure: I'm the first to admit - I LOVE snow. I've even got a snowmaker at home.) Since the market is experiencing the tightest inventory levels in 14 years, I thought I'd compare seasonal inventory trends to seasonal snowfall trends.

I looked at the average monthly snowfall accumulation collected for Central Park over the past 14 years and compared it to the average number of listings over the same period. I used NOAA data through the end of 2013 and cobbled together the 2014 January and February data through news reports. I matched the average snowfall accumulation against the average number of listings.

Although the results are probably not far from what most of us would have envisioned, I the resulting comparison was a bit tighter than I expected. February had the most snowfall on average as well as the lowest number of listings on average.

March can't come soon enough.
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