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7,000-Square-Foot Murray Hill Townhouse Cuts Price to $8.5M

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It's not unusual to see ridiculously-priced listings stubbornly refuse to succumb to the PriceChopper, but the 7,000-square-foot townhouse at 132 East 36th Street off Park Avenue is no such listing. Since first coming to market in January 2013 for an even $14 million, the place dropped its price four times, recently re-listing for $8.495 million. The sellers seems quite eager to get rid of the seven-level house; in addition to the pricechops, they've switched brokerages and had the house featured on CBS's "Living Large" show. The house—which has a private backyard, elevator, six working fireplaces, and a marble foyer—seems nice enough, but the new listing photos on Nestseekers leave out a lot. A glance back at the old photos from Elliman show that the house is filled with terrible flooring choices: lots of colored wall-to-wall carpet and cheap-looking linoleum. So while the brokerbabble says the place was "recently renovated and redesigned," a buyer will likely still have work to do.

&183; Listing: 132 East 36th Street [Nestseekers via StreetEasy]
· 132 East 36th Street on Living Large [YouTube]