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Track Where Instagrammers Are Capturing NYC In Real Time

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A new site allows voyeurs and merely interested parties to see where the most Instagram photos are being taken in New York City. On HereFeed, the size of the pink circles corresponds with how much social media madness is happening, and the biggest circles in the screenshot above hover over Ivan Ramen (popular eatery), the Cort Theater (where a Waiting for Godot matinee is ongoing), Eataly (popular eatery), Katz's (popular eatery), and, in lower Manhattan, 360i. That's a digital marketing agency's office, so it makes sense. Some of the smaller circles indicate shooting-and-filtering action at the Met, the World Trade Center memorial, and "Under The Brooklyn Bridge." You can zoom in and and out of different neighborhoods for a block-by-block view.

Click the "top" button, and the touristy sites pop up: Times Square, "New York City," Central Park, Grand Central Terminal, and the Empire State Building. Or try "recent," and scroll down below the map to see where people are Instagramming from right now. Namely, when we recently checked, a gallery, Baruch College, Macy's, and Girls favorite Cafe Grumpy. The photos are mostly neat to browse and click through, but when the photos are from what might be a slightly more unsavory bar, just watch out for some skin. The other areas available to browse are Sochi, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Silicon Valley, and Facebook HQ. You will have to log in with your Instagram account in order to use it.

· HereFeed [official]