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Victor and Harry Einhorn Also Developing Williamsburg School

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Father-son development team Victor and Harry Einhorn have made news recently by serving eviction notices to a senior center on Christmas Eve and buying a rent-stabilized walk-up in Park Slope in order to kick out all the long-time tenants. As it turns out, another of their projects that's currently in the works is, astonishingly, not without controversy. Brownstoner reports that a partial steel structure has been erected at 297 North 7th Street, where the Einhorns are building a nine-story, 34,827-square-foot building that will be leased by Midtown-based private education company MetSchools. It's the lease that got the Einhorns in trouble—after it was signed, they were sued by Itzhaki Properties NY and Flatiron Real Estate Advisors for refusing to pay a $1 million commission that the commercial brokerages claimed they were due. So, by Einhorn standards, this one is going pretty smoothly. Victor, the elder Einhorn, was convicted of an $8 million fraud in 2002 and admonished by the judge for his "history of deceit."
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