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Crosby Street Hotel Team Now Building A Midtown Outpost

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It seems like most news about new hotels is accompanied by the loathed names of "Gene Kaufman" or "Peter Poon," so it's with great pleasure that we report that a new hotel rising on West 56th Street is from the same team that did the the Crosby Street Hotel, which Curbed considers to be one of the best in the city. Located at 18-20 West 56th Street, the new hotel is by London-based Firmdale Hotels, and New York YIMBY spotted renderings on the construction site that show the new outpost will look quite similar to its Downtown sister.

The architect of record is Stonehill & Taylor, which is the same firm that worked on Crosby Street. Plans for the hotel were first revealed a year ago, and now excavation and foundation work at the site is well underway. Based on the construction fence rendering, the building will maintain the street wall, and the facade will feature large casement windows reminiscent of those on the Crosby Street building. It's expected to be complete by fall 2015.
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