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Loft 67 Condo Back to Square One, Asking $9.5 Million

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In 2006, a couple bought the second floor of Loft 67, the Upper East Side condo building converted from an old Christie's auction house, for $4.58 million, began renovating the unit, listed it for $9.5 million, completed the renovation, and re-listed it for $5.95 million. As one does. Another couple found that second price, and the renovation—which turned out to be mostly modern with the exception of the Library of Doom—amenable and paid $5.725 million for the apartment in 2011.

Now the new owners are trying to do what the previous ones couldn't—sell the apartment for $9.5 million. The unit went back on the market yesterday with its original mid-renovation asking price, completely unchanged although we do now get to see what it looks like furnished.

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