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Neighbors Sue To Halt Dalton School's UES Rooftop Addition

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The city's approval for the Dalton's rooftop addition seems to have meant basically nothing at all to neighbors, who have just filed a lawsuit to overturn the Board of Standards & Appeal's January decision. Two buildings near the K-12 private school on 89th Street—111 East 88th Street and 1105 Park Avenue—joined forces with local group Carnegie Hill Neighbors in the suit, the Post reports. It alleges that the 12,000-square-foot, two-story expansion will 1) block sunlight, 2) create construction havoc, and 3) put a damper on property values as a result of both 1) and 2). And, of course, it's "out of character."

Beef about school expansions comes up a lot. Other uptown private schools, like Collegiate and Saint David's, are also plotting neighbor-enraging or -peeving expansions. There's past precedent for this stuff, too, several blocks to the east. Who will win this round of Irate Neighbors v. Space-Hungry Private School?
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