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Trump Declares (Partial) Victory Against AG in Fraud Suit

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Back in August, the office of New York State attorney general Eric Schneiderman filed a $40 milliion suit against Donald Trump. On Friday, Trump declared victory after a Manhattan Supreme Court judge tossed out part of the case.

Schneiderman accused the real estate mogul/sentient hairpiece of defrauding thousands through his "Trump University." Schneiderman alleged that the program falsely offered free workshops and promised instructors in the real estate industry handpicked by Trump. These "students" reportedly spent $35,000 on the programs.

However, on Friday, Justice Cynthia Kern dismissed claims that Trump had violated education law by calling his unaccredited, for-profit Trump University a "school", citing a statute of limitations. She did, however, allow Schneiderman to continue his fight to bar Trump from reopening the program (now renamed the "Trump Entrepreneur Initiative"). She also allowed the AG's office to pursue fraud claims.

Gracious as always, Trump took to Twitter following news of his partial victory, calling Schneiderman a "lightweight" who "got his ass kicked by Trump."
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