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Developer Don Peebles to Launch Renewed Bid for LICH

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Real estate investor and developer Don Peebles has launched a bid to purchase Cobble Hill's embattled Long Island College Hospital, after SUNY Downstate announced that it would reopen the bidding to redevelop the hospital earlier this week. The move drew vicious criticism from community activists and local politicians, who wish to see the hospital preserved in its current state.

Peebles' fellow bidders include Fortis Property Group and NYU Langone Medical Center's (with a plan for a health care facility plus condos), and Brooklyn Hospital Center (with a plan for a medical center and 1,000 rentals). However, Peebles claims that his plan would preserve more medical facilities than any of the other bidders. It would also set aside 35% of any possible residential space for affordable housing, which no other bidders have offered in their plans.

All proposals are due on February 3 at 1pm.
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