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Behind the Scenes Video From One57's Former Sales Office

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WEST 57TH STREET—For those who have wondered how exactly One57 managed to sell all those unbuilt apartments for such exorbitant sums of money, a new PBS documentary called "Super Skyscrapers" takes us behind the scenes in the megatower's former sales office (the sales office has since moved into the actual building). It airs on February 26th, but there's a sneak peek of the One57 portion on Youtube (above). Apparently telling buyers that "you can actually smell the beautiful smell of the wood here" does wonders. [Youtube; AN; previously]

UPPER WEST SIDE—The Calhoun School at 433 West End Avenue is planning on modernizing its facade with some sort of glassy, glowing design at the lower level, according to a rendering obtained by West Side Rag. The redesign of the landmark building is being presented to Community Board 7 tonight and will eventually have to face the Landmarks Preservation Commission. [WSR]


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