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Big Reveal: $1.395 Million For an Upper East Side Co-op

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The guesses were pretty much spot on for this week's Pricespotter, with the very first commenter positing that the 2BR/2BA apartment cost $1.4 million, a hair over its actual asking price of $1.395 million. Commenter Captain Crankypants concurred with the initial $1.4 million estimate, and explained his rationale saying, "Being a co-op they aren't going to ask $1,000 per sq ft, not with that co-op maintenance and those restrictions. Say $900 per sq ft. and add a little something for the terrace and take half of that for the lack of kitchen." Also correct (though not on the price) was commenter Ardenite, who wrote, " Look at the view from that balcony; definitely east of 3rd. Not a pre-war in sight." Fine work all around this week.

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