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Long-Awaited East Harlem Penthouse Asking $3 Million

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The Crown Condominium at 2132 Second Avenue in East Harlem was constructed in 2005 and the building's two-story penthouse immediately caught our eye. However, although sales launched that year, the penthouse—for some unknown reason—seems to have never have been listed, until now. The 3,707-square-foot unit (and its 2,165-square-foot terrace) hit the market yesterday for $2.98 million making it, currently, the second most expensive apartment available in Harlem. (The most expensive is the $4.3 million penthouse in Soha 118.)

As far as justifying its price tag, the apartment features, in addition to the two enormous wraparound terraces, a large living room with double-height ceilings, a fireplace, and lots of windows of varying shapes and sizes. There are also three bedrooms, three-and-a-half bathrooms, a laundry room, a breakfast nook, a dining room, a private elevator, and a miscellaneous are (labeled "study") overlooking the living room. Despite the newness, the apartment's finishes do not exactly look like they were chosen within the last few years. The unit also comes with two ground-floor parking spaces, which, according to the listing, "can be converted to a retail space."

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