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Will This Bonkers 'Sky Wing Tower' Sprout 860 Feet In Tribeca?

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UPDATE: 101 Murray owners Fisher/Witkoff advise that Coop Himmelb(l)au's design is not the design for the building and that CoopHimmelb(l)au is not the architect for the project. An official rendering has not yet been revealed. So what's this thing? We're looking into it.

Wake up, New York, and have a gander at the latest example of supremely tall glassitude that could rise in downtown Manhattan. New York YIMBY first spotted a rendering for 101 Murray Street on Austrian architecture firm Coop Himmelb(l)au's website. The architects' site doesn't include the address, but that is laid out in DeSimone Consulting Engineers' site and Wired New York. And boy, is it bonkers. Set to rise about 860 feet, it has an uber-reflective cylindrical shaft with what amounts to an asymmetric ice sculpture tacked onto its apex. Dubbed the Sky Wing Tower, it also apparently has a sister superscraper in Seoul called the Skywalk. It's just one of many residential buildings set to rise in the area over the coming years.

The backstory: St. John's University sold its current building to a triumvirate of developers last year for $223 million: Steven Witkoff, Howard Lorber, and Fisher Brothers. When the purchase became public in July, their plan was to build a giant pile o' condos to replace the dated-looking low(ish)rise campus. And voila.

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111 Murray Street

111 Murray Street, Manhattan, NY 10007