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House Burritos Built Sells For Discounted $11.4M To Its Renter

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Chipotle founder Steve Ells finally found a buyer for his West Village townhouse—and it's none other than the Warner Brothers music honcho Lyor Cohen, who already knew he liked the house because he rented it last year. It's been a long road to a sale for the burrito rey: Ells had wanted $16.5 million for 92 Jane Street, all red-brick Greek Revival in the front with a minimalist Zen thing goin' on in the back. The Real Estalker reports that Cohen ended up paying just $11,400,000. That's $2 million less than Ells paid for the the Adam Gordon/Steven Harris project back in 2008, so Ells must have just gotten sick of all the PriceChops. And that giant bar, excuse us, "study."

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92 Jane Street

92 Jane Street, New York, NY