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New Site Artistically Chronicles NYC's Buildings In Progress

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Curbed is obsessed with capturing every moment of a building's life, from the purchase of a lot to its rise to the launch of sales and start of move-ins. When it comes to tracking progress of new developments, construction watch chronicles are the best way to put a real-world update alongside a hypothetical rendering yet to be realized. A new site called Field Condition (with accompanying Twitter and Instagram handles) is our latest go-to. Its proprietor, who has yet not divulged his or her identity, says that it's a place for the "latest photos and updates on all the exciting architecture under construction in New York." Currently up are shots of the in-progress B2 tower at Atlantic Yards, Columbia's Jerome L. Greene Science Center designed by Renzo Piano, the World Trade Center site, Norman Foster's 50 UN Plaza, Herzog and de Meuron's Jenga-tastic 56 Leonard, the Whitney Downtown, Cary Tamarkin's 15-unit High Line development, and much more. Even better, the photos are good-quality—and there are a lot of them. Field Condition is worth a bookmark if you're as addicted as we are, or simply what to know what's going on in your neighborhood.

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