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Tribeca Loft With 'Meditation Room' Returns For $6.5 Million

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"International businessman" Antonio Lobon's zen Tribeca loft had no luck when it was listed in 2009-2013 for a hair under $7 million, so it took some time off, regrouped, and just returned with a new brokerage, new pictures, and a slightly lower $6.495 million ask.

Lobon bought the 2BR/2BA loft in 195 Hudson Street in 2000 for $1.439 million and hired Macrae-Gibson Architects to do a renovation, the theory behind which was, according to Architecture Page, "to create spaces that reflected various aspects of the clients [sic] collection of arts and books." While displaying art and book collections is not exactly a unique problem for apartments to have (and the book collection in this case does not appear to be prohibitively large), the architects took an interesting approach, tucking the kitchen and the larger of the two bedrooms—which, oddly, is not the master bedroom—behind a curving wall of shelves. Highly personalized renovations can be difficult to sell, but perhaps Lobon will find another buyer with a penchant for red columns and black ceilings, and a few shelves worth of books, to take the loft off his hands.

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195 Hudson Street

195 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10007