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Did CEO Neil Moffitt Buy the $50.9M Walker Tower PH?

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According to Page Six sources, the secret buyer of the $50.9 million Walker Tower penthouse is Neil Moffitt, British-born entrepreneur and CEO of global restaurant/nightclub brand Hakkasan. The purchase, a cool $4 million shy of its $55 million asking price, set a downtown record last month, its buyer remaining anonymous until now.
Moffitt—who seems to channel everybody from Gordon Gekko to that guy from RoboCop—reportedly paid all-cash, declaring "I'll take it," after walking around the apartment for less than five minutes. We can only assume that he snapped his fingers, causing an enormous henchman holding an attache case filled with crisp $100 dollar bills to lumber forth from the shadows. He then probably stepped out onto his south-facing terrace and gazed out at the Statue of Liberty, shaking with wild, uncontrollable laughter, a vengeful gleam in his eyes.

"Soon, New York, you will be mine," he probably growled. "Then, the world!"

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