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Ten Things You Should Know About the New LICH Agreement

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Bill de Blasio announced on Friday that he and Andrew Cuomo had brokered a deal with Long Island College Hospital owner SUNY to launch a new Request For Proposals (RFP). Here's what you need to know about LICH's new arrangement:

1) The agreement gives the coalition that has been fighting the hospital's sale a significant say in which proposal will be chosen, a first in state RFPs.

2) The terms of the agreement stipulate that proposals be considered based on the quality and scope of the hospital and medical services they would include, as well as how money they're offering.

3) Appointees chosen by the community groups will have a 49 percent stake on the committee that considers proposals based on hospital and medical services. The community will not have stake in the committee that looks at the financials.

4) Potential operators will be able to submit proposals as early as Thursday.

5) Potential respondents will have 15 business days to submit their proposals. The process will be open to any and all bidders, not just the four (Fortis Property Group, Don Peebles, Related Companies, Brisa Builders) that had previously been chosen.

6) As part of the deal, the community groups dropped three of their legal proceedings against SUNY.

7) If no proposal is chosen before May 22, LICH will close (presumably until a buyer is found).

8) 241 nurses and 1199 SEIU Healthcare workers have already been told that could be furloughed on April 10 if there is no purchaser in place.

9) The minimum bid is $210 million. If the proceeds from the sale exceed $240 million, 25 percent of the amount over $240 million will go to a non-profit entity chosen by Public Advocate Letitia James and the people suing SUNY.

10) The frontrunners of the current RFP were Brooklyn Hospital Center and its development partner Related Companies, and NYU Langone Medical Center and its partner Fortis.
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