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Cornerspotted: The Casino Theater at 39th St. and Broadway

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We've got a history buff in the audience, ladies and gents, who can tell us all about the Casino Theater on the southeastern corner of 39th Street and Broadway, which was demolished in 1930. Commenter Ken Sacharin imparted this tome, which is just one paragraph of six, mind you:

From 1882 to [1930], this was the location of the Casino Theater. The Casino Theater was the best example of Moorish architecture in the country. It was the first theater with a roof garden, the first to be entirely lit by electricity, and the first to feature a chorus line—the Floradora Girls. One of these was Evelyn Nesbit, over whom Harry K. Thaw murdered Stanford White. The x-ray machine was demonstrated here in 1896—a curiosity billed as the "Parisian Sensation." The building was designed by Francis Hatch Kimball, also behind the Montauk Club in Brooklyn, and one-half of the Kimball & Thompson duo responsible for one of the city's earliest skyscrapers: the Empire Building at Broadway and Rector streets.
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