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This Hilariously Earnest Video Couldn't Be Any More Brooklyn

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The crew over at Patagonia Bowery Surf want to remind you that we can all be urban explorers with this video depicting a foray across the East River, and starring ironic tattoos, flannel, Pendleton blankets, wood reclaimed from water towers, and a few other total cliches. And boy, did Bedford + Bowery have a blast making fun of every second of it :

Just, wow. Any given frame of this short film created by Patagonia Surf Bowery along with Williamsburg [Venice, Calif.] lifestyle brand Indoek (makers of everything from custom teepees to a Bro in the City app) is a diorama-like snapshot of what it is to be young and bearded in the Bedford + Bowery domain in the first quarter of this 21st century. If you aren't sleeved up with pizza tats and don't ride a fixie with dual skateboard and surfboard racks, you'll want to study this video, starring the Bowery surf shop's employees, to see what you're doing so, so wrong.

B+B's satire aside, the store has reared its head during a veritable bespoke surf shop trend. At the very least, this video has us even more excited for warmer temperatures (and the dream of pitching a rooftop teepee).
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