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One Upper East Sider Fits Home And Office In 300 Square Feet

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Making a micro-dwelling a real home necessitates some savvy design decisions, and those simply abound in producer Willa Kammerer's 300-square-foot Upper East Side studio. The tiny rental, recently highlighted on Houzz, is full of solutions for small-space management, like the clever barrier between the foot of the bed and the living space that separates the two areas. For Kammerer, who works at home, the distinction between workspace and play-space was crucial, and achieved by two linen curtains strung down the length of her bed. The home is full of DIY fixes (and fixtures) like that, from the refinished Craigslist butcher-block table to the reupholstered stools, snatched from the side of the road, that rest under it.

Kammerer's design was inspired in part by "rural Chilean Patagonia" with its woods, wools, and warm colors. The curtains that hide her bed and closet give the home a hint of softness that somehow jives with a wall of exposed brick, and her perfectly imperfect neat stacks of objects. The multimedia storyteller has even hosted parties in her petite dwelling, and often chronicles her latest interior upgrades in lovely Instagram shots.

For a full look into Kammerer's home, check out the original post on Houzz. Her blog of curated thoughts, photos, and impressions can be found here.
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