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Dinky Carroll Gardens Garage Makes Way For Red-Brick Manse

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In a move par for the course these days in Brooklyn, another small structure is being razed to make way for a new single-family home. PMFA drew our attention to this Carroll Gardens manse-to-be, which will stretch a massive 38 feet across and rise four stories high at 181 President Street. Architect of record Ramy Issac created a rich design that draws inspiration from both new and old aesthetics, combining herringbone brickwork, paneled windows, a glassy top floor, and wood and steel paneled doors. The 3,245-square-foot home will replace a single-story garage. The lot was acquired by the new owners in May for $1.4 million.

There's not much intel on the home's interior yet, but the zoning document lists a two-car garage and a 30-foot-deep backyard amongst the homes amenities. Perhaps the best insight into the new home so far comes from a PMFA commenter who probably hit the nail on the head with this bit of wisdom: "I bet the lucky family that is building this house will be very interested in $35 emu eggs at Whole Foods."
· Turning a One Story Garage Into A 4 Story, One Family Home on President Street [PMFA]