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The Top Four Reasons To Vacation in Australia Now

Everyone deserves a vacation. And our friends over at the travel website Fathom would like to take a moment to remind us that despite the nightmarish trials and tribulations that can sometimes accompany international travel—like never-ending lines at an underwhelming tourist trap, overpriced meals of questionable origin, or the constant state of confusion caused by language barriers—traveling abroad doesn't have to feel like a hassle, and should be one of life's great treats.

Fathom aims to show us that there is another way: comfortable, worry-free travel with QANTAS Airways of Australia. The Adventures of Alvie and Joey—a series of fun animated shorts about the best and worst of travel, situations that are especially funny because every traveler has experienced them. The 20-second spots also reveal why everything is awesome Down Under: the food, the crowds, and the sites. It's a place where the locals are fun and friendly, and your travel expectations are not only met, but exceeded. Although it may feel far away, QANTAS Airways focus on the traveler makes the journey feel a little closer to home. Click here to watch the four videos, and plan your next vacation to Australia. >>